When using the Maglift deep exfoliationg black iron cream mask the following results wil be noticed:

* Immediate improvement in skin tone and texture

* Create a radiant youthful and helthy looking skin

* Softens lines and wrinkles

* Reduce size of pores

*Nourishing and moisturizing creams are better absorbed

The Maglift treatment compriises of a biomagnetic magnet and a magnetisbe iron mask. In addition to the natural aging process, many factors damage the skin cell DNA and speed up aging, these include exposure to sun damages, pollution, smoking, alc

Bio Magnetic iron mask is available for Salon and home use. We also do professional facials at Yourday Bridal, 104 Willem Botha Street, Eldoraigne, Centurion Contact number Rina Alberts 073 299 2028. Sizes available 35g, 100g, and 500g.

The purpose of the Maglift bio-magnetic mask is to remove the excess dead cells from the surface together with wase matter e.g. sebum, residue of old make-up, accumulation of old creams, cleaners, duct ect and give you a radiant fresh healthy looking
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